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Special Packages


Our family know that life has special moments and events, and we love to celebrate life. From a birthday to a honeymoon, we can make any special day one to remember.


The below packages are based on minimum of 2 people. We know that some celebrations are more than just 2 people, we have you covered! Coropration, retirement or wedding and anything you can think of our home is a great place for celebrations. Please contact us and we will custimize your celebration.




Package Price From 37999 INR

Per Person Based on 2 people 

Sunset, mountain air and peaceful surroundings is what makes a honeymoon unique. Anyone can have a beach honeymoon but only the special couples seek out the mountians of Himachal Pradesh.



Package Price From

29999 INR for 2 People

Honeymoon Package

This package includes 3 nights private room with balcony with private ensuite, 3 breakfasts (1 private on balcony), 3 lunches (1 picnic), 3 dinners (1 candlit on balacony), private transfer to and from Amritsar, day excursion to Chamba town with guide.


Come celebrate Diwali with the Dhami family. Not only are you in a tranquil surroundings and cool autumn weather, but embrace the festival of lights with traditional ways. Puja gives a spiritual start to the lighting of the clay pots set all around our home immersing it in candle light. Small show of fireworks before a Kings dinner made with love by Mrs. Dhami to end the celebration.



Package Price From

26999 INR for 2 People

This package includes 3 nights private room with balcony with private ensuite, 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, private return transfer from Amritsar, Diwali celebrations and sweets.


Diwali Package

Back to Nature Package

Have a little more time this 8 Day package offers nature in the Western Himalayas. Go where there are no others and picnic on a high meadow with views of white cap mountains. 

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